Observastions and tips


Here you can find some observations about Docker on Windows.


Observatons and tips about Docker on Windows
After you start a container with the -a switch “docker start -a <container name>” then you want to use “docker exec -it <container name>  powershell”  although it is enter the container it is frozen. Without -a everithing is fine.
When you create a container pelase rename it with this command:  Rename-Computer -NewName $oNewContainerName . Then please restart the docker container. If you miss this your container won’t start any more after a Docker host restart.
Configuration file in Windows: “C:\ProgramData\Docker\Containers\<GUID of container>\config.json” és  “C:\ProgramData\Docker\Containers\<GUID of container>\hostconfig.json
Please make a copy from the configuration files. That could be usefull when yor container does not want to start adfter a Docker host restart. When you meet this message: “Win32 API call returned error r1=2147942452 err=You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. If joining a domain, go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again.” you merely need to overwrite the config files from backup then your container will start correctly.

Other workaround to fix your containers:

  • Open config.json to edit
  • Find and delete the next section: “Error”:”<Error message>”,
  • Save config.json
  • Start your docker container
Windows Feature installation. When you want to install/add/enable a new feature in Windows it required the installation media. Especially the SXS dorectory from installation media. In this case the usage of our powershell command:

Add-WindowsFeature <comma separated feature list> -Source “<Path of installation media>\sources\sxs”

The DEL does not work in Docker console. You must use Backspace instead of DEL.



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