Security Architect Map for Azure Services

End of June this year I posted an article with a great stuff regarding Azure. In this post (Solution Architect Map for Azure services) you can find a brilliant diagram which helps you or other Architects finding the “right way in Azure”.

Today I would like to share with you the Azure Security Architect Map from Stephane Eyskens (@stephaneey). As usual this map is available on Azure Developer Community Blog and on Mindmap Maker as well.

As you can see this map focuses on several important area such as Network Layer, Identity Layer, Security Posture, etc. This means it is very complex to read and find the relevant in formation you are you looking for. Therefore the author made some explanation (behind the attachment icon) and external links (behind the link icon) for the better understanding.

As you can see in Stephane’s article there will be several another interesting maps for Azure. Next time I will provide them.

Thank you Stephane. It is brilliant work.

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